Sarah Artelissa Culver Alchin

(1843 - 1885)

Sarah Artelissa Culver  was born on March 30, 1843 in Washtenaw County, Michigan. On September 24, 1865, she married Henry Alchin, who had come to the Mooreville, Michigan area with his parents from England.  They had 4 children - Jesse R. (1866-1947); Finette, known as "Nettie (1868-1952); Everett (1873-?); and Burchard (1877-1897). Henry served in the Civil War in Company I of the First Sharpshooters Regiment and in Company K of the 54th Michigan Infantry. Sarah died on January 19,1885 and Henry died on January 5, 1916, both in Vernon (Shiawassee County), Michigan.

Henry Alchin

Henry Alchin (second from right) with his brothers in 1915

Son Jessie with his wife Cassy (married December 14, 1898) and their daughter Nettie May

Son Everett and his wife Grace (married March 19, 1900)

Daughter Finette Adele ("Nettie"

Daughter Nettie with husband Frank Devore (married March 22, 1893) and their son Kenneth

Henry Alchin with his grandchildren