> born 1786 [1920 Family History by Nettie ALCHIN DeVORE and Lena McALLISTER WILLIAMS, great-granddaughters of Phineas CULVER,  says Scotland; subsequent research suggests other equally likely possibilities including at least  Long Island, New York]

> married (1)Thankful SAWYER born Mohawk, New York State



> 5 May 1807 birth of son Jesse CULVER, Palmyra, Wayne County, New York

(31 Dec 1827 married Polly ROOT of Orleans County, New York)

 > 1810 birth of daughter Mehitable CULVER (married Thomas GRADYy before 1838 in Michigan))

 > 1810 Federal Census – Phineas CULVER is head of household of appropriately aged family in Sodus, Ontario County (later Wayne), New York

 > 1812 birth of son Henry CULVER (married Hannah DANIELS probably in New York))

 1812-1814       WAR OF 1812 service in New York Militia

          20 Reg’t Allen’s NY Militia,  Capt. John Brown’s Company

1812   29 Jun- 19 Oct  rank Corporal

18 Reg’t Dobbin’s  NY Militia,     Capt Joel S. Hart’s Company

1812  19 Oct   3 Nov rank Corporal

39 Reg’t Howell’s   NY Milita,  Capt. George Culver, Lt. Col. Gilbert Howell’s Reg’t

1813 20-26 Jun  rank Private

1 Reg’t Hopkins NY Militia   Capt. John Markham’s Company

1814  29 Aug -24 Sep Ft Erie

Discharged 5 Oct Batavia rank Private

Phineas received two bounty land warrents for this service:

#41599 for 80 acres (1852 to Leonard L Witbeck)

#43432 for 80 acres (1856 to Horace Bradley)

 Phineas filed a claim based on his WAR OF 1812 service:

(1858 - NEW YORK MILITIA, IN  WAR OF 1812 - Part-printed document, Application For Clothing, &c.. 8.25" x 13.75", plus signed with seal on verso by clerk, and 1/2 page signed statement of Thomas Gray, justice of the peace, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Application of Phineas Culver, resident of York, Wastenaw County, Michigan, age 71, who was a Private in the Company commanded by Captain John Markham, commanded by General Brown in the war with Great Britain...1812. Drafted in New York for defense at Buffalo on or about August 1814, three months, and volunteered at Palmyra, NY in 1812 for six months. Discharged for poor health at Fort Erie. Signed by Culver.

Culver claims he was never paid for his service, equipment and clothing -- Ordinary Coat; Pantaloons -- and seeks $35.75 reimbursement.)

State of New York Award #6907 in the amount of $81.

 >     1814 birth of daughter Hannah CULVER (m.        MORRELL)

 >     1816 birth of son Phineas CULVER (died in infancy)

 > 1816-1822 on Tax Rolls, Williamson, Ontario County (later Wayne Co.), New York [originals viewed at Canandaigua 1990]

 > 30 Nov 1817 birth of son John P. CULVER in Williamson, Wayne County, New York (married Lucinda SHOEMAKER) 16 Feb 1843, Charleston Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan))

 > 12 May 1819 birth of son Orrin CULVER in New York (married Clarissa Anna Elisa WHITMAN probably in Michigan) came to Washtenaw County, Michigan in 1835

 > 1822 birth of daughter Elsa CULVER


LOCATION UNKNOWN (apparently migrated from Wayne County to Orleans County sometime between 1822 and 1828):

> 1824 birth of daughter Rosannah CULVER (died in infancy)

>     ? birth of son Edward CULVER

>     ? birth of son Byam CULVER

>     death of wife (1)Thankful CULVER

>     married (2)Electa HARKNESS WITHERELL, a widow, born 3 March 1797

1825 New York (county unknown) birth of son Oliver C. CULVER(married Almira CARNEY 28 June 1846, Climax, Kalamazoo County, Michigan))


 LOCATION - ORLEANS COUNTY, NEW YORK:                                                                       

> 26 August 1828 birth of daughter Electa Abigail CULVER in Carlton, Orleans County, New York (married William Riley McALLISTER 21 Nov 1850 in Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan)

 > 20 December 1830 North part (40 acres) of lot 12, Sec. 5, Town of Carlton, Orleans County, New York, articled to Phineas CULVER.  This land was then deeded to Earl DURFEE 10 March 1835.  This property lies south of Kendrick Road just east of Route 279-Waterport Road (per reference by Signor to Holland Land record, page 629.  Records at Orleans County Clerk for these transactions)

 > 31 January 1831 purchased land Town of Carlton, Orleans County, New York (Range II, Township 16) Section 6, portion of Lot 11 (4 acres) from Oliver & Susan CLARK of Palmyra, Wayne County, New York.  This land lies north of Kendrick Road just east of Route 279-Waterport Road and is directly across Kendrick Road from the land articled in 1830.  Sold this parcel in 1833 (see below) [deed on file at Orleans Co. Clerk's office: Liber 3 pages 503-505]

 > birth of son George H. (never married, died at age 28)

>     birth of son Bryon or Byron (never married, died as young man)

>     1833 birth of daughter Mary L. (married Ansel A. HOLCOMB  probably before 1857 in Washtenaw County, Michigan)

 > 12 March 1833 sold land in Town of Carlton, Section 6, Lot 11, Orleans County, New York (see 1831) to Nelson CLARK (son of Oliver CLARK of Palmyra, Wayne County) [Orleans County Clerk's Office Liber 6 pages 91 and 92]

 >10 March 1835 Town of Carlton, Section 5, Lot 12, Orleans County, New York deeded to Earl DURFEE (see 20 Dec 1830)

 > 1 June 1835 birth of son Aaron Guy in Orleans County, New York (married wife (1)Elizabeth COOKE, 13 Feb 1856 in Sharon Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan)



 > 24 July 1837 purchased land in York Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan (NE 1/4 Sec 32 comprising 160 acres adjacent to 80 acres purchased by son Jesse CULVER in June 1835)

> 26 May 1856 sold land described above in Washtenaw County to son-in-law Ansel A. HOLCOMB

 > 6 July 1865 died, buried in Mooreville Cemetery (Mooreville Road at Ridge Road), York Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan

> 22 December 1872, wife Electa CULVER died, buried Mooreville Cemetery next to Phineas CULVER

 NOTE:          Although Phineas appears to have moved often within present-day Wayne County, New York, he could have stayed in the same place in present-day Town of Marion or Town of Williamson and still have references to so many different place names because of the many "new" towns created during the period he lived there [Note: Sodus, Williamson & Palmyra are contiguous in present Wayne, formerly Ontario, County, New York].  Tax rolls do not specify place of residence and I have yet to find any property records in Wayne County.



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