The Shelton Caboose Restoration

Pennsylvania Cabin Car PRR 477793


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The History

Pennsylvania Railroad Cabin Car 477793 was built in Altoona, Pennsylvania in August of 1941 and served the Lake Region

of the Pennsylvania Railroad in the Midwest. It is a model N5B

After the demise of the PRR, the car became part of the Conrail system and was assigned Conrail Caboose No. C22881.

It eventually was retired, fell into disrepair and was one of several cabeese warehoused at the Toledo, Ohio Conrail Yard.

In February of 1989, the caboose was obtained from Conrail by George Anderson  He moved it to the back yard of his residence in Saline, Michigan.

The dilapidated interior of the car was stripped. The exterior was repainted in PRR colors but using the Conrail number.

Unfortunately, plans for remodeling of the car halted with Mr. Anderson's untimely death. The car sat for the next 14 years.

After the death of Mrs. Anderson, Don and Marjorie Shelton purchased the property including the caboose in 2003.

In 2005, the Sheltons began a project to restore the exterior and remodel the interior of the car.

The general contractor for the project was David Rhoads of HSA Builders of Saline with Ken Peterson of Saline as the project manager.

The project began in April and was completed in July of 2005.

Interior Progress
Exterior Progress
The Caboose Today

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